10th Annual Evening of Inspiration Was A Huge Success

The Evening of Inspiration 2019 unfolded flawlessly. The weather was clear and cool, all 165 guests were eager to be a part of the celebration and with well over 90 gifts for both our raffle and live auction, there was a good chance you were going to leave extra happy. The feeling was warm throughout the night: food, music, cocktails – who could complain? The ‘Inspirational Martini’ was a big hit thanks to Tito’s Vodka, one of our sponsors.

Most importantly though, we are proud to announce that the evening raised $37,000 (before expenses), including $5,000 from our big 50/50 raffle! I had asked the room to dig deep and help make this our record year for the 10th and all attendees showed us more love than we ever could have expected. This evening was officially the Alesia Shute Foundation’s largest fundraiser in it’s 10 years!

During the night, one of my guests approached me to thank me for “getting people engaged, happy and unplugged”. He made me look around at the happy faces chatting, laughing and winning gifts. The room was defiantly “in the moment” and it felt good to accomplish this in such an age of technology.

Stay tuned as to where exactly our 370 ‘Everything’s Okay’ books will be donated within the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Formal ‘Thank You’s will be going out in the next few weeks, along with a newsletter recapping our amazing evening. A massive thanks to each and every one of you for making this event such a success.