A Recent Book I Read

A gentlemen, who I’ve been recently working with writing my screenplay, sent me a book that he co-wrote. Jamarr’s Promise,  a true story of corruption, courage, and child welfare, was an amazing read. Both authors, Kristin Morris and my acquaintance, Joesph Zielinski, did an amazing job of giving us the day to day life of our welfare system and child protection system. The failures of both these systems lead to the unfortunate loss of a child, Jamarr, who was ignored, left out, who’s death was a direct result of corruption.

Personally, I have no idea if this book has changed the way things are done, but I am appalled at how this young child died in “our care” and “our watch.” Not only did this child die, the case worker lost her job because she “tried to do the right thing.” Sound familiar? It happens every single day in our political system and for those who risk loosing their jobs to help others, I mean really help others, I salute you!

Thank you Joesph for this riveting read. I strongly recommend to everyone reading this story, to raise awareness in this child’s memory. The writers, who I wish the utmost luck to, are asking for donations to help raise awareness.Take a look, because it’s totally worth it!