A Touching Story

There was such a touching story on the news this evening I began to cry. They were saluting parents who have lost a child or children. One particular story, was about a father who lost his 20 year old daughter to a drowning. Through it all, he was able to donate all of her organs. He has taken to biking across the country to raise awareness, meeting kind strangers along the way who gave him a place to sleep, a shower, and food. The story becomes better when he reaches Louisiana and meets the young man who received his daughters heart. As the story unfolds and the two begin to hug, you can see the father unable to release this young man who is alive today only because his daughter had passed away. Not only did these two meet and share a hug, the young man gave him a fathers day gift, a stethoscope. Now he can listen to the beating heart of the daughter.

Yes, I began to cry. This touched me on so many levels. We can move on after a death with time healing our wounds, but to see that the gift of an organ gives life to another touched me in ways I cannot really describe. Watching this father listen to his daughters heart beating, leaving him knowing his daughter is still living, just in another capacity. Tears ran down my cheeks but they were tears of a warming heart, my heart, telling me that humans still have kindness. Even in this world of so much destruction, there is a rose, a single rose that stands out more often than we think.