An Evening of Inspiration 8

We just celebrated our 8th year of my book Everything’s Okay and along with that we had our Evening of Inspiration Fundraiser. It is our biggest event and shall I say… Oh what a night! The evening unfolded with happy faces and people mingling all there for the same purpose, to help raise money for my passion, my book, the children of CHOP. By the time the evening ended we had almosted matched the year prror but it need not matter. We reached our goals to be able to gift hundreds of copies of my book along with a large monotary donation to CHOP for Child Life and their wish list. For me, the evening was so very rewarding, leaving me breathless and overwhelmed with the generosity of everyone who attended. Whether they came just to enjoy watching the evening unfold, or to participate, every person who attends is so very important to the success of the event. Come out, mingle, donate whatever you are able to, and be a part of what I believe in along with a large group of volunteers. I salute each and every person who attended, donated, shared, and enjoyed what we had to share. Thank you!

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