Beaching It With The Kids

I recently was on the beach with a few friends and their children. It brought back so many wonderful memories of my parents bringing us to the shore every summer. Just like these children, we frolicked back and forth to the water, digging in the sand, rolling around, and jumping the waves. We sat and watched them have their fun. In just that short amount of time, I forgot that the world can be evil and scary. All the children running around by the water had no worries or cares. They just were simply having fun. It felt good to feel “safe and free” of worries.

Of course every parent there, as well as all of us, watched every child closely. Even though we sat by the lifeguards, a parents job is never done. Feeling good to have them running free was nice but the dangers are still present and now adding the rough waters into the mix. Never loosing sight of them is the job of every adult on the beach, but it was so relaxing and left a good feeling from my past childhood with me the entire day. I look forward to going back joined by my granddaughters who embrace life to its fullest no matter what the adventure. I want to thank all of the children of the world for always smiling and embracing life as it should be.