Chicken Soup, Good for the Soul

This is a book and a saying and is so very true. I love to cook and making chicken soup is a specialty of mine. It is a staple in our freezer at all times and everyone we are close with looks forward to a “drop off” when they are feeling ill and under the weather. On a snowy day in the middle of winter, there is nothing like a big bowl of homemade chicken soup. When I visited our son a few times I surprised him with a fresh pot of soup for his freezer, which he loved more than anything and recently visiting some close friends in Florida I “put up a pot” for their freezer and put smiles on their faces which I greatly appreciated. It makes me happy that they love and appreciate my cooking so much and it is always a pleasure to do that for them. It is the most feel good food and something I will pass along in the family for everyone to continue to enjoy. My mother learned the chicken soup secret from her mom and I learned from mine. Traditions are what life is about and just one sip makes your soul feel better instantly. 100_2052

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