Diesel Our Dog Nephew

Diesel came into our nieces lives at about the age of 4 and was a rescue American Bull Dog. He has been abused, and although he could not speak, his scars told his story all the way down to his one eye missing. We would joke and call him a pirate.  We laughed when he was dressed as one on Halloween. Although he weighed well over 100 pounds, he was as gentle as a lamb. He had an amazing temperament, and really never realized his amazing size.

Diesel just celebrated his 10th birthday and has been suffering with his health on and off for the past few months with pneumonia. He has been a trooper throughout and has been nursed back to health with both his mothers spoon feeding him just to get him to stay hydrated. It saddens me to tell everyone that a mass was recently found in his lung and he will not recover. Because of all he has been through and his age, he will have to be put down soon.

I went to say goodbye to my doggie nephew and he was not only extremely happy to see me with kisses wags, and happiness, but he showed me that he has the strength and attitude that I try to inspire to everyone at all times. Diesel, you are my inspiration and my strength. When the chips are down and life looks like it may not get better, no matter what is going on I will now think of Diesel and his wonderful attitude and smiling face the last time I saw him. Salute to Diesel! RIP.