Fundraising Importance

There are so many charitable organizations and there are so many causes, how does one decide where or how to donate? There are some things you can think about before you donate to an organization. Here are some questions you can ask yourself.

First, do I want to donate to a nationwide or global organization or something a bit smaller, like local or run very small and close to the belt? Does it matter the percentage of my dollar that is used for the actual charity? How does my heart feel when I donate to said organization, or go to something to support the cause- satisfied, accomplished, uncertain, scammed?

There are so many variables it is hard to decide. I am not just telling you this because I run my own foundation, I want you to share your generosity, whether it be time, actual gifts, or money. What can you afford? Do you want something back in return for your donation? Do you just want to gift money to special charities and also benefit the tax deductions? I can tell you that the importance of support for all charities is imperative and they cannot function in any capacity without your help.

With all of this said, when my husband and I donate to charities, including my foundation, we try to pick, research, and support a few yearly and then give to smaller organizations, mostly locally, supporting families in need or illness stricken. For us, this is rewarding, both emotionally and spiritually. We feel strongly about our donations and have been supporting these favorites for many, many years. I blog about them often, but my heart is deeply planted in The Alesia Shute Foundation. Small operation, minimal bills, very one on one. That my friends is the most important part. That and sharing my story with the world. Help me if you can. everythingsokay_title-copy-2

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