Homelessness Awareness

My husband and I travel often. We have been quite a few places in this country and also out of the country. We experienced homelessness in almost every place we have been in some degree. Our visit to Denver has been more than staggering and has been irking me since our arrival. I cannot express the sadness I feel when I see the overabundance of this problem here in the city of Denver. I decided to blog about it and do a bit of reading but do not want to come off too harsh. From what I have read it is a terrible problem not only here but so many places around our country. There are so many layers of homelessness and of course, mental illness plays a major role. There are many programs for these folks to get into to help them but apparently from what my eyes see, just not enough. Feeding them but ignoring the begging, sleeping on the streets, and the entire facet of what it is to be homeless is just heartbreaking. There has to be some kind of answer. Maybe more program and more counselors in the budget to have reached out programs to work with them on alcohol and drug abuse. No matter what the reason and everyone has an individual story, there has to be an answer to the bigger picture. What will happen to them? They are all somebody from somewhere, right?