Keep Laughing

Dealing with caring for a sick child?

Canceling plans often with friends because of trips to the hospital often? Never able to make a commitment for anything since you never know what today will bring? My suggestion, “keep laughing.”  I know you are thinking that there is never a funny side, but you have to work hard to find it. Dig deep, soul search, remember something so funny that has happened in the past when you could not control your laughing and just “go for it.” Finding something to laugh about can only help the day go smoother, or lighten the load of the stress we carry when dealing with something so unimaginable that all one can do is laugh. I have moments remembering how depressing things had gotten when I was ill and I remember my mother was always there with a smile. How difficult it must have been for her to force that smile while she watched her little girl deteriorate for two years, but she did. She wore that smile as as symbol of her strength and it truly strengthened me. I wonder what she was using as her laughing/smiling tool?

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