Long Roads Lead To Rainbows

We are here for all of you! We are watching helplessly while you are fighting to survive, care for your children and pets and just get through this terrible ordeal. Personally, for me, it brings back terrible memories of Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully we were not at home but left on a pre-planned business trip, but knew that we may not be able to fly since the storm was on its way to becoming a monster when we left home. Well, truth be told it was a monster, and we lost our entire first floor of our home. Without giving you the horrid details, we were homeless for 4 months, having to rent in our neighborhood during the complete gutting and renovation of our home. The paperwork involved, the stress fighting the insurance company, losing two cars as well and trying to deal financially and emotionally took its toll on both my husband and I. Our friends and family were there to help in any way possible but the memories of the loss and destruction will stay with us forever. We now evacuate when any storm becomes more than a tropical storm vacating to a hotel out of the storm area.

Watching all of you, the water, the rain and the losses you are experiencing makes me feel helpless and sad. Your road ahead is long, painful and frustrating. My only advice is to stay focused, organized with all paperwork, keep notes and records of all calls and faxes and never, never GIVE UP! You can get through this but be alert to fraud and keep positive. As long as you know the road will be long but there is some kind of rainbow eventually over time. Hang in there. You can all do this!