Love & Friendship

I have been thinking about this recently and not sure if it has anything to do with my recent success at my last fundraiser or just the spring in the air and feeling melancholy. I think the latter since the last week or so I have been a bit melancholy. I have at times been “overthinking” who I am and where I plan on heading, maybe a midlife crisis, maybe not but one thing for certain I embrace love and friendship to a degree like no other. I fiercely love my family and friends and know we are who we surround ourselves with. I have always felt that way and find good in just about everything and everyone I surround myself with. I often wonder if they feel the same about me but hoping they all do. It is a bit odd for me not to always be on the up and up in my life. At my recent event I spoke of “being done” and confessed that you are never done, I truly love what I do but unsure as to where I am heading right now. I share this with all of you wondering how you will react and welcome your input and thoughts. They can be public on social media or privately sent to me. I am always opened for suggestions but wanted all my friends and family to know how I feel about those I love, admire and share my life with. I continue to struggle with small health issues in my life as everyone else does at times but never never give up and of course that is why I practice what I preach. Love conquers all something every one of us should live by and maybe if we did, our precious earth would be that much better of a place.