Giving back is what life is all about. It is one of the main reasons we are here. Being productive human beings is another part of giving back. For me, both are most important. I met this amazing women back around my first fundraiser for my book, Everything’s Okay. Marie has been executing this act of kindness for a very long time. She shared her love for this gifting of the bags for the mothers of the patients in oncology. For just this day, just this moment, it is all about “the moms.” They sacrifice everything, giving birth and doing whatever it takes for their ill children to live and survive. Unfortunately, they are stuck in the hospital over the holidays. Marie, like so many others, takes the time to bring them this special gift to new mothers each year. About 9 years ago I began adding my memoir to the bag so that the moms have something to read while they sit, wait, worry and wait some more. The bags are loaded with personal items they might need to have while sleeping at CHOP nightly, along with some gift cards to make a few simple purchases if they need something and are too far from home to run out to get it. We have never met any of the moms, but hats off to you all. If you read this blog remember how much we care, and when you open my book you will see everyone who helped donate to my foundation. These books can be a part of your gift. Happy Holidays to you all!