My Guest Speaker

Felicia was born with a rare problem. Digesting her food was nearly impossible. She spent a large portion of her life fighting and spending an unimaginable amount of time at CHOP. One of my volunteers went to school with Felicia and they recently graduated high school. We asked Felicia if she would like to share her story with us at the Evening of Inspiration. I cannot describe the emotion in the room when Felicia took the stage. She managed to explain her story, breaking down from the emotional stress of talking about it to a room of strangers. You could hear a pin drop while she spoke, and although it was only about 5 -6 minutes, the impact of her story left everyone in the room teary eyed or all out crying. How could this beautiful child go through such turmoil? That is the story we both share. We want the world to know where we have been and also where we are going. We can actually speak for those children who cannot, allowing you to know what each of us are going through whether we are an infant, unborn, or unable to speak. We have been through it in one way or another, we are the experts. Listen to us! We go on and try not to look back unless we are sharing. We are strong, bold, and caring. We have something to share with the world and Felicia had a chance to do just that. Thank you young lady, you did an amazing job. Until next year!

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