I am certain you might be questioning the title of my blog. A new friend, Krystle Bailey, who happens to live close by, did a book signing at the Casianos coffee shop in our area. I do not always attend everything our small town does, since they do so much, but that evening I wandered in to say hello before meeting the girls for a “girls night out.” Upon my arrival, before my eyes was this lovely young lady, Krystle. She had the warmest smile and the cutest face I have ever seen. We instantly clicked and both were excited to share the fact that we wrote our first books, mine over nine years ago, and hers just coming to life. We shared a small conversation, and I purchased my copy of her story “Nourish”, and I was on my way. We met for coffee not long after because she also wanted to read my story.

I finally had the time to sit down and read it. My reaction, which I have already shared with Krystle, was that it was not my “normal” go to book, but I loved loved loved her story. She sheds all her layers and shares her personal journey of embracing who she is as a person, and along the way gives us the strength to admit that “Yes we all have struggled with weight issues, self esteem, self worth, bullying, love conquests and failures and so much more.” She shares in a way that you want to stand up and scream, “Yes, I have been there, Yes, I understand, and Yes, when I learned to love myself, and give into who we are as individuals, life is wonderful.” Although I am just scratching the surface of her story, I urge you to all get a copy and dive in as soon as you can. Look her up, do not wait and share with us about your experience.