Recent Fundraiser

Recently my foundation did a Comedy Dinner to help raise money for my foundation, The Alesia Shute Foundation. I do two large fundraisers a year and a few smaller ones in between but in the fall it seems like doing something fun like a comedy works well for everyone. We all need a reason to just laugh out loud. We all want to forget about everyday ups and downs whether we are caring for an ill family member, child, or friend, tired from working or just needing to leave “life” alone for a few hours and “relax.” You can come to one of my events, let your guard down, and help to raise money for wonderful causes. The Alesia Shute foundation was raising money for Child Life at The Children’s Hospital of Philadephia, (CHOP), and also to replenish my personal memoir, Everything’s Okay to be able to sell and or gift to organizations as a tool for inspiration. This particular fundraiser had even more meaning this time. Not only did we raise money for this purpose, my husband and I personally matched the total profits for the evening and donated that money to Puerto Rico to help the local PR Civic Club support anything needed to help victims recover from the recent hurricane. “It was bittersweet,” to reach out and do this, but I felt strongly that it needed to be done. Helping others is what we do, what we should all do, that makes us productive human beings.

The evening was joyous and swelling with laughter, all while raising the donations and matching that gift. We were able to donate out $2,550 to help Puerto Rico that evening, after expenses, and my heart swelled with happiness handing over that check. Looking forward to our next big fundraiser which is our largest one of the year on March 3rd, 2018. Keep your eyes open for this completely different evening, which again is to support The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).