Ronald McDonald House

What a rewarding day to take family and some volunteers to cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald House in South Jersey. My granddaughters and their mom joined us this time and were a big hit! The guests of the house having treatments and their families loved them. They kept a smile on their faces from beginning to end. We served up Italian and the girls, along with the other volunteers, baked cookies, helped set up the dishes, made salads and helped serve and clean up. The atmosphere was so very happy as I walked around gifting my book, Everything’s Okay, to all of the guests and their children. Why not have a copy to read during the down times at the hospital while getting or waiting for treatments? Visiting this place with groups is something The Alesia Shute Foundation has been doing for years with so many more adventures to come. Keep an eye and ear out for other things we do during the year. Home cooked food when you are away from home is a must! How nice to be a part of this. Heading there again this coming Saturday for Breakfast!

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