Sweet Story

I recently went into my local health food store and while looking at the card rack, I saw an older couple struggling to get through the door. Instantly the manager of this store, who has been there as long as I can remember, ran over to hug and welcome them. He then helped them both shuffle into the store and offered the male a chair while his wife shopped. They made small talk, so I knew that he knew them rather well. She shopped, or shall I say “asked” for items, and the manager went around to gather her purchases.

The Conversation

I wandered through the store listening to the quaint conversation on my way to the register. They then paid and shuffled out the door together, as cute as could be. I then asked about them since they were so very sweet I wanted to know more about their story.

The wife, an avid reader all her life, almost overnight became blind. Now her 90 something old husband has to drive her around to run errands and go about life. It was so bittersweet for me to witness this and see their love and respect for each other. The manager said they have been coming in for many years and they were just a lovely couple, then explaining how sad it was to watch them grow older.

The Routine

For me it was sadness mixed with happiness. My thoughts went right to wondering what will happen when one of them passes or is unable to go on with the “routine.” While I walked to my car they were still getting situated. Although I wanted to say something to them, I did not. I’m hoping that family can step in and take over soon. We all need somebody, a friend, companion, or spouse to spend life with and grow old. For better or worse. Good luck to this couple and to all of us as life moves on.