Trying to Stay Healthy


I’ve spent half of my life in and out of hospitals having surgery after surgery, and to this day, I still have health issues. Right now, the most important thought on my mind, is trying to stay as healthy as possible. I am reaching out to others, in hope inspiring more of us to appreciate all we have, both in life and health. Although I still suffer from chronic bowel obstructions, I am in really good health. I eat very well, drink moderately and exercise just about every day. I feel “good in my skin.” I know that has to make sense to most of you who read this. No matter what our weight is, we all have a comfort weight. This does not mean each of us should be skinny by any means, but we should feel good about ourselves and comfortable in our own skin. If anyone has an ill child in the family, first and foremost, healthy eating is key. That does not mean that sweets in moderation are not good. Everything in moderation is what I live by. When you reach this level of comfort you will understand this blog. Please share with us your level of comfort and how you go about achieving this. Good luck, happy eating and please, enjoy your holidays!