A Letter to Princess Diana

As I sit here and ponder about the amount of years you have been gone, I find it hard to believe. It is so many years, it is hard to comprehend. I wish you were here to read my words but deep down, I know that somewhere you are watching us all, especially your children. I have followed you since you became a part of public life and felt a connection to you and an interest in your life. I watched you blossom, marry, struggle with the reporters, have children, your sadness grow, your divorce, and everything in between. The only thing I did was watch from afar and felt your sadness as you struggled for privacy. Although I was thrilled to know your every move, I believe it could have been done a little less like stalking and just to keep us informed since we all fell in love with you and your royal life. You managed to raise two wonderful boys and stay married even when we all knew you were not happy. You tried to “follow the rules” even though your husband was noticeably unfaithful. When you left, I along with the rest of the world cheered you on! You finding love and romance made us feel happy again, and then an untimely death left your family and the world in a sudden standstill. I write you today to salute you in a job well done. You planted all of the seeds needed and Prince Charles jumped in at the end to finish the job. We would have loved to have the story end differently but life is life and you can smile down upon those boys, your grandchildren, and the world with pride and hope for a wonderful future. Thank you Diana for giving the world what you gave and keep on giving through your children. We miss you and your grace and beauty!

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