A Vivid Memory

_DSC6600There are many days that stick with you throughout your life, like your special birthday that everyone was there, your wedding day, the death of someone so very near and dear it hurts to think about, etc. Everyone experiences things that remain so vivid in their memory that it feels like “yesterday” when they think of it or try to tell someone about it. All of the above are still vivid in my memories especially losing my mother, but the birth of my only child is so clear, it is as if when someone asks, I relive the story as if it just happened the day before and not 25 years ago. Labor, pushing, every word my husband and the doctor said to me, it is surreal. I often speak about giving birth when I am at an event since I feel it is the most accomplished thing I have ever done. We, as a race, have been giving birth forever but for me, the thought of carrying a live person in my stomach and gifting life to him, simply brings tears to my eyes as if it is the first and only time it ever happened. The experience was simply put, “amazing” and although I only did it once, it feels as if I have done it multiple times. Thank you to my higher power for gifting me this experience and thank you for me being about to gift life to another. As sappy as this may sound, it is genuine and real and sharing it makes it all the better.

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