Another New Year!

CandleThere is nothing like the freshness of another new year. We all feel it, cannot explain it, but it feels like the slate has been wiped clean and no matter what happened in the last year, everything will be new, fresh, and clear for us all in the year to come. For years, my husband and I worked on New Years Eve and for me, I could see it no other way. I figured I would rather be “working the party” and still be a part of it, than in “the party” and just another face in the crowd. Now, the past couple of years we have given up the holiday working, after a good 30 or more, and prefer the quieter side of it all. It might seem silly to most of you, but for us a quiet dinner, with friends if possible, a house gathering of a few couples, and either home by midnight or toasting with a few special folks seems so much more fun to us. The first 30 were crazy, so now we will see what the next 30 will bring.

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