Appreciate What We Have

With all the election stuff (speaking mildly), and everyone bickering in the country (also putting it mildly), it’s time to stand up and sit back and wait. It is not going to matter who you voted for or not, we are all Americans, of every color and religion. We have to give it the time it needs to unfold and play out. We should all be on the same page at this point and hope and ,yes, pray, that things will fall into place. Taxes, healthcare, deportation, and everything else going forward. We have made our choice as a majority and now it is time to just be “American.” By that I mean….. we are woke up the next morning free, alive, and working towards peace and harmony in the world. Life goes on and we can always find negative when we choose to but for now I only ask you to find the positive. For me, thankful to be alive and healthy and able to make my own choices in every aspect of my life. Anything bigger is left up to whomever is in charge and I await the positive. For me that is easier and takes less energy wasted.flag

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