Cold Weather and an ill Child

Seems like the entire USA is out of sorts with the weather. The entire east coast is under a chill that I cannot recover from. I am not sure how others can deal with the cold but for me I tuck in and hibernate, staying inside as much as I can and avoiding outside as much as I can. The thought of my parents schlepping me around as a child in this chill when I was so very sick is hard for me to fathom. How do you bundle up your ill child enough to get to the never ending doctor appointments, emergency room runs, and treatments? Warm the car, warm the seats, bundle up, un-bundle up. How do we do it? It’s trying enough to get through each day without worrying about them getting any sicker on top of the illness they are fighting. Keeping sanity, taking a few deep breathes, (and maybe a glass of wine at times) are a few ways to handle the stress. Hopefully your child does not mind the cold as much as I did when I was very young and still do.
Keep the homemade soup plentiful, the hot chocolate hot, and the fireplace warm. Just a few tidbits along with warm blankets on the couch and lots and lots of good movies to pass the time while in recovery and keeping sane. Good luck to all you moms. I salute mine for all she did to make my life so very comfortable that I probably did not even fret over it as much as I think. Stay warm.

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