Family “Stuff”

We all have it, try to hide it,deal with hit, hate it. That pretty much sums up the whirlwind of a family. Whithout it we could not exist as a family. It feeds us positive and negative energy and the truth is to learn the balance and make it work for everyone.  It is impossible to please every kind of personality without creating a bit of havic among family members. I try to keep neutral when I can but like everyone I speak my mind when needed but try very hard not to hurt feelings along the way. I have found most important is that we work on working it out, remember that we are there for each other through thick and thin, and when necessary we will bend the opposite way in order to help find balance. I think with all of that said, lets get through the holiday season with all of that in mind and remember, not one of us is perfect. We have become a world of over sensitivity whch plays a role in everyday life. Lets think positive, try to look at the big picture and not to intensionally upset anyone at any time. Remember we all have a lot on our plates and need to respect that each and every day. Happy Holidays!event

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