Good Things

I received the most beautiful letter from a women who saw me at an awards dinner last month and purchased my book.

She is the mother of an extremely ill child and was so very touched by my story, I have been invited to speak at her children’s stroke victim group after the summer. I am so very honored to be asked to speak to this group. These babies, and small children have multiple problems and it seems as if they may spend the rest of their lives with some if not most of them. I told her that by coming to speak to them, although I did not suffer from any of the same issues, I do understand illness, extreme illness and I “have” walked a mile in their shoes. If I have not my parents certainly did. I can not only share my story and offer support and understanding, they will be invited to share theirs with me as well. If anyone would like me to speak to a support group of any kind, please feel free to contact me with the details. By the way, this support group happens to be at CHOP, which is dear to my heart.

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