I just met a women who I have been in contact with online for years. She collects the items for the “mommy bags” and delivers them to CHOP for the Oncology moms who are stuck at the hospital during the holidays with their ill children. Marie is an amazing person who I want to salute as an unsung hero in my book. She tirelessly collect items for these gifts and when she comes up short, goes out and makes purchases to make certain each mom has enough personal items to help them get through being at the hospital day in and day out. Having lunch with Marie, of which she insisted on treating me, on the holidays when everyone is running around shopping, gifting, and baking, was probably one of the most important things I did all day that day. We really shared our lives, stories, trauma, stress, and laughter in all of just shy two hours. For me, this was not only rewarding and healing, it was yet another humbling moment when you realize how blessed you are to have your life and family and friends. Now I have another to add to my list since we both clicked and immediately felt at ease sharing our stories and lives. Happy Holiday to you Marie and to all of your beautiful family. Thank you for being in my life.2012-12-21 11.31.19

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