Illness and the Holidays

All of us have experienced illness during the holidays at one time or another. It really is not the “best” time to become ill, but for those of us who have something much more serious that we are dealing with throughout the year, the holidays can be challenging. If a child is hospitalized, then we have to work around it and remember that holidays are just another day of the week. We strive for that perfection but we forget that happiness and gifts should first come from the heart. If the family cannot gather for one reason or another, then everyone should pitch in and “work around it.” If that means a mini party at the hospital or a small visit at home, then so be it. Just making someone comfortable and smiling is more important than the rest. Respect the amount of company and or stimulation a child can handle. Just dropping off food or maybe decorating for that family is enough for them to handle. Think it out logically and work with it. Worst case scenario is celebrate at another time when life is easier. rmh-1250


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