Saying Goodbye

We said goodbye a few weeks ago to yet another young person who graduated high school with our son. Tori passed in a terrible car accident recently of which the details we do not know as of yet. Regardless, this is just another young person heading to heaven way too early. Tori and our son went all through grade school, middle, and high school together and although I am not certain they kept in touch after, social media managed to keep the kids up to date with each other. Tori was a full of life kind of girl, a little troubled, but who did not struggle through teen years and conquer that? I knew her to be hard working and always, and I mean always, smiling. This young lady had much more to offer in life and saying good-bye is difficult. I am not certain why these senseless things happen to us and do believe that we are all here for a reason and have something to give to the world, even if it is short lived. Goodbye Tori, a beautiful lady and we ask you to say hello to the others who have passed way too soon. Take care of yourself in eternity and someday we will all meet again. past present future

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