Winter is Just Around the Corner

I hate to admit it but where we live, no matter how much we try to ignore it, the cold will blanket us soon and embrace our lungs with breathless mornings. At times I can say I enjoy the refreshing air but most of the time, by end of January, I am counting the days until spring and summer are upon us. It is nice if you can take a trip to somewhere warm, something we always try to do, which helps us cope with winters that are ungodly cold. When my bones feel the ache and cold and I cannot warm up during the day, I enjoy a hot drink, a fire, and a blanket on the couch that evening. I will think about it all day until I am actually on the couch by the fire. I know for others, they embrace the cold, like my son, and look forward to all of the things the snow has to offer. I respect that but for me, a little warm sunshine helps me feel alive. Winter

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