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Happy New Year to all! I’m hoping that 2023 is special in all kinds of ways to everyone out there. We only want, health, happiness, and peace on earth for each and every being on earth. My foundation has been doing large 50/50’s over the last 12+ years, and this recent one was exceptional.

About Our Prizes:

We decided to increase the amount of money we were going to raise, so we could add an additional monetary prize to add more fun and excitement to the event. We registered and got approvals about 8 months in advance, in order to allow time to sell the 1200 tickets.

We were gifting three prizes: $3,500 First, $1,500 Second, and $1,000 Third. We chose to do an event at Sweetwater Riverdeck and, to add more excitement – we decided to draw the winners on New Year’s Day.

We also added a Plunge into the Mullica River (for those of us who like to cleanse and start off with a fresh beginning for the year).

About the Event:

The tickets sold out 2 months in advance, giving us time to concentrate on the event itself. New Year’s Day arrived with record warmth temps and the day was perfection. We had prizes for raffle, a brunch buffet, kid games, and complimentary drinks. We had 40 people plunge and over 100 people come to the party and watch.

We closed the day pulling the three winners for the big 50/50. For those of you who know me personally, I honestly wish I would be calling each and every one of you who donated and purchased these tickets. It hurts to not be able to do this, but it feels nice to have three winners in lieu of just one.

We Are Proud to Support CHOP in Philadelphia!

Everyone is important to the foundation; from the volunteers, to the donators and the winners. It’s what keeps us continuing to do what we do – and being able to gift money to CHOP in Philadelphia to the child life department is the biggest gift of all!

This year’s winners included a volunteer from as many years ago as I can remember (even before my foundation began). Meg has worked with us and organized so many events with us, I cannot even count the hours she spent working side-by-side with me and others to help every successful event we did over the last 20+ years.

Calling her on New Year’s Days was special, and so we met for a quick photo for me to share.

Follow Us, Reach Out, & Donate!

For now, we rest. Until our next event and raffle, follow all we do, and reach out when I post something to donate in any way you can.

Happy 2023 to you all! Thank you for being a part of what I do.

For all of you who donated, helped and participated, The Alesia Shute Foundation, with the help of the Sweetwater Riverdeck, raised $15,500 including the big 50/50 raffle.

We gifted a total of $6,000 to the three winners, and sent CHOP Child Life (which focuses only on the children who are patients and their personal needs) $8,000 to use for purchases for the kids to improve their hospital stays.