Recently I have been thinking of that little girl that I wrote of in my book.

That little girl if you do not know is me. I have had recent thoughts of how sorry I feel for that child, and that with a lot of determination, and hope, I turned out to be a healthy adult who loves life, and everything it has to offer. I remember the writing process and how difficult it was a times to come to terms with the fact that I was the child who was suffering. I have spent my entire life giving hope and inspiration to children and families who have gone through and go through what I had experienced. I would like to reach more and the only way I can see that is by speaking. This is something I do whenever I have a chance. I want more! If anyone reading this knows of a group or organization that might benefit from me making an appearance and helping to “spread my words” please let me know or have them contact me. There is a helpless child and family out there I know that I can inspire and give the gift of hope. I was that little girl, and I have blossomed, maybe I can help another similar family or child do the same.

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