Lets do our part to help others out there. A friend reached out on FB that the nursing home she works at, like every other home, hospital etc in the country is on a lockdown and the residents have nothing to stimulate them. Now we all know how difficult it is being home with family members, or even alone but we have projects, social media, Netflix and lots of cleaning projects to do. Think about it, these folks look forward to the daily schedule, meals together, and visitors all of which have been stopped. I went to Walmart and loaded up on crafts, pencils, coloring, then went through my old books that are sitting on shelves that I have already read, added them and last but not least a copy of my own memoir Everythings Okay both in full story and comic form. I figured that some would appreciate a good story that is true while others would like to do something crafty to hang in their rooms.

Also, as a reminder, check on your family members especially if they are older, parents and grandparents. They love love love hearing from you and appreciate the concern and love you have for them. Factime when you can since it is nice to have a visual of people at this time and check on their health and let them know you are ok and fill them in on all the “stuff” going on in your home. It all helps.

Good luck to you all, may we all come out of this stronger, more appreciative of what we have and caring for others even more. Peace on earth!