There is so much uncertainty in the world, we have the recent death of an amazing man, Kobe, an individual who touched more people in this world than any of us realized until his untimely death along with his daughter and 7 others, who were just going out to enjoy the day like every other day. The fires in Australia have been overwhelming to watch and as they unfold we all see that the landscape of wildlife along with the beauty of Australia will forever be changed. An outbreak of a virus, like others in the past, that will sweep through the entire world, touching all of us in different ways, some of which we do not even realize. Containing it will and is challenging but without the diligence we need, this too will forever change our landscape. Last but not least the anniversary of Auschwitz, touching me personally, not directly but indirectly since I am jewish. I cannot fathom that people actually survived the terror they were exposed to and managed to continue life and never ever let this horror be forgotten.

I am humbled that all of these events change the footprint of live for each and every one of us, even though we may not personally be involved, we all are effected by the outcome in some ways. Australia fires could change the ecosystem drastically with the loss of wildlife, the virus, although we are very far, we are never too far from a catastrophic event touching every single one of us, and of course we are all vulnerable since every day we all leave home and drive, walk, or fly someplace to get through our days. One moment life is perfect and then in just a single moment, it is not. Auschwitz is in our history, deeply imbedded just never too far from reach if we do not keep an eye on evil. It is all around us and we have to outsmart it at every level.

What I am sharing is that we should be thankful every day for what we have, who we have and all our possibilities in life. Take a deep breathe and embrace life, love and everything in-between Never ever forget where you come from, who you are as an individual and where you are going!