Since beginning of March my husband and I have been in quarantine, only going out for occasional errands and for a quick ride on a nice day averaging once a week. Yes, like everyone in the “world” we are really all in this together. Funny how occasionally I post things like “Hoping to Inspire the world” or Peace on Earth” and then something like this comes about involving everyone in the world. This is making us all equal and humbling us all to help each other and reach out for anything our friends, family and neighbors may need for no profit or anything except a quick thank you and a smile. If we learn nothing from this about ourselves and each other then something must be wrong with us as a whole.

With all of that said and I could go on and on, I wanted to share something special. An executive at Children’s Hospital in Colorado reached out to me this week just to see how we were doing on the east coast. We met Ashley on a personal tour a few years ago we took with our son and his wife and one of his business partners. We brought copies of my book, Everythings Okay and gifted them to some of the patients and doctors during the tour and felt so inspired by this and have kept in touch since, promising to reach out again in the future. Her email was so very touching that she took a few moments to check on us and just to say hello. I asked if there was anything they needed out there and somehow could I help in just a small way. Her answer came immediately and was so very heartwarming. It went something like this.

We are now housing patients up to 30 years old as to relieve the other hospitals to care for Covid -19 patients and we have many teens as well who are bored since no visitors are allowed. We would love some copies of your book. My response is they will be in the mail over the next couple days. What I am asking for is monetary donations of any kind from $5 -$1000 through the donation button on my website. It will bring you through to Pay pal and or credit card and just follow the prompts. These donations will help cover costs of the case of books I plan on sending to Colorado Children’s Hospital as well as shipping costs. If you would like to send a few books up to a case to anyone in hospital, home or in a facility anywhere in the country it will be my pleasure to do this for you if you drop me a note via email to let me know the information and I can give you a shipping cost as well. Remember this is all a donation and my pleasure to help others pass the time with my story. You can also go to order a copy of my book on my website and that would bring you to amazon for a single copy. I thank you in advance for your help and hope to somehow is some small way help others with this small act of kindness.