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Visiting a Parent in Pandemic 2020

Like everyone in the “world” life has been trying for us all for the past couple months. Personally we have managed to maintain some kind of normal keeping a “kind of ” schedule to help the days pass as usual. We have learned much more technology and thankfully we can actually view our family and friends. The difficult times are not being able to visit my 90 year old father. We chat every day practically and rehash the same conversation, but I am lucky enough that he is still sharp and understands to some degree what is actually happening. We talk about the weather and joke about what we are doing every day as if might be something different. He likes to hear my voice and asks for everyone in the family and our close friends. I have never been closer to him and since my mother past many many years ago, our relationship has evolved but now he depends on my sister and I among others to get essentials and connect them with the outside world. We are now welcome to visit outside his building with masks and with the 6 foot distance. The rules have lightened up very little but with the weather changing it has been permitted as long as everyone follows the rules. We brought some groceries and visited with him and his longtime partner for about an hour. Cannot tell you how good it felt to just sit and chat with him and see how they are managing. They thrive on taking rides and running errands and have not left their building for over two months. It was so wonderful I cannot describe, but wanted to share with everyone. I am always trying to inspirer others and be positive in any situation but I promise you that I have bad days as well and struggle to get through them with personal issues of my own. I just wanted to share that on those days I think about how very lucky I am to have all I have and having my father still with us is most important, or shall I say top of the list. It will be very difficult when he decides he is “done” but for now he is important to me, even when he drives me crazy. We are all human and need to think about what is and who we cherish most and who is most essential to us. Thank you all for supporting all I do, say, and for all you support over the years. Stay well and save and tell those most important to you that you care.