Cool Donation

I know this post is a bit late but was waiting for official photos from CHOP on our end of year donation. With all of your help and donations we were able to close out 2019 with a wonderful $2,000 donation which allowed them to purchase a few things for the kids.

Our first donation was for Bluetooth Water Bottles. These water bottles are used to help dialysis patients accurately monitor their fluid intake that is greatly restricted and can be a challenge especially for the teen patients. This money will allow them to supply every dialysis patient for the next three years.

Second is Dialysis Birthday Cakes. Children in CHOP love the standard ice cream cakes on their birthdays, and this will allow the hospital to make special purchases for special order cakes just for these dialysis patients. They cannot have ice cream due to phosphorus count. This money will supply cakes for these special patients for 2 years and will come from a local bakery as well.

We also supply the special needs children with sensory crayons for the therapists to continue to work with these children. All we can say from the Alesia Shute Foundation is “THANK YOU” for allowing us to continue to gift CHOP with all of these special gifts. Without you and without the foundation, these special items would be a continues struggle for them to acquire. We have made this an easy win for them and looking forward to continuing support from all of our followers. Keep and eye out for special upcoming dates and events.