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A sincere thank you to the women I met at the bar in Colorado Airport a while back who was reading this book while she ate. We started chatting and I shared how much I love to read. When I glanced at the book (title above in photo) asking her if this what a good read, she told me that is was really good. I asked her if I could take a photo of the cover so I could look it up. Many months went by and not fully forgotten, life continued and while finishing the book I was recently reading, the pandemic hit. Many books later, multiple puzzles, many televisions show, cleaning closets, I then remembered the photo and needed a new good read. Scrolling through my photos there is was, so I ordered it, wanting to hold the book in lue of downloading it. I finished it today, August, 10th 2020. What a story! It had everything in the 500 plus pages, love, honor, trust, friendship, family, and most of all, all these things brought out “truth.” It was everything I, we, all of us dream for, especially today. What I want to do is ask everyone who can to share this all over social media. I want to thank this young lady personally and send her a copy of my story as well. Can this be done??? If somehow this person ends up reading this, please reach out to me and let me know who you are. What a story, and Thank you for giving me this wonderful read. Worth getting or reaching out to borrow eventually from me. Tell us what you have read lately so we can share good stories to fill our minds and pass some of the time.