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Another Year Passed

As I sit here drinking my coffee on New Years Morning, I reflect on the year we have all been through. I, like most of the world had to make quick adjustments to our lives such as becoming more “tech savvy” and up the “cooking game” as well. We had to shop in empty stores at times in the beginning of this pandemic, learn online grocery ordering, google recipes of things we “only order out” and become professional mixologists among other things. We cleaned everything, purged everything, embraced being outside, and began doing hobbies like puzzling and reading more, along with spending an amazing amount of time with our immediate family that we now refer to as our “bubble.” We stopped dining out for the most part, went to school and visited family online. We mastered the “mask” although we did poke fun at the people before all this that donned the mask. We invented our own form of entertainment and are now struggling with mental issues from not having socializing in our daily routines, especially our younger generation. Most importantly we lost so many people throughout the world and feel the pain of loss as it moves closer and closer to home.

It is now the next day, first morning of 2021 and as I write and re-read this, most of what we all have experienced will most defiantly make us better people, stronger, more savvy and smarter that just one year ago. Have we learned anything from this? For me personally, I am a positive thinker who only looks at the brighter side of life (I have had my bad days as well), so with that said I am going to say, yes, we will flow through this next year with knowledge and love for humanity, and I will work harder at being an even better person than I was before. I will also reflect on the prayer, (and I am not religious in any way), I will accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can.

May everyone in the entire world be kept safe, find peace and rise above this virus making us stronger and better.