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Birthday Blog for Johnathan

I have not written a blog is so long but wanted to reach out to all and check in to say hello and hope everyone of you are doing well and working on getting life back to some kind of normal after this past year or so. What I want to share,  is something I usually do not share too often on social media and such is that my/our son, Johnathan will be celebrating his 31st birthday today when this is posted. He did not have much of an opportunity to celebrate his 30th last year but age is just a number, so with that said he can make up for it this year.

What I wanted to share with him and all of the world is something I often have shared during my speaking engagements for my foundation. Giving birth to you was the most wonderful accomplished thing I have ever done in my life. Although I have done so very much, and have the stories to share, the moment you entered my life, I felt complete. You have grown into a successful well rounded person, thoughtful and kind and have embraced marriage and fatherhood so gracefully we could not be prouder. I hope to think that your father and I played a hand in who you have become, giving you the tools while you grew, but you singlehanded embraced each gift we shared and made it your own. We could not be prouder and happier for you and your family.

For those who know us, you know how we feel and how we share and love to help. Johnathan, has embraced this as well, reaching out to help so many others who may not be fortunate enough to help themselves. This is a gift we are so happy he has inherited. Our family does not want the world of social media to think we are perfect, us like all of you experience bumps and hurdles along the way and we are not perfection, but we work on honestly and love and try to let those obstacles be a lesson learned and move forward with our love and caring for one another. Johnathan, may all your dreams come true from now till eternity! We love you so very much, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!